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Perfect body wash for cleaning babys skin, making bath time pleasant. Ensures ideal cleaning for sensitive babys skin, guaranteeing extra-gentle action. Ingredient Aloe chamomile: lenitive, moisturizing & softening action...
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Easy to go pouch containing small sizes of Chicco Toiletries. Ideal for trial purpose, traveling, or hospital bag. Safe to be used from birth on. Includes:- Baby Moments Body Lotion 50ml- Baby Moments Gentle Bodywash and Shampoo 50ml- Baby Moments Soap 100gm- Baby Moments Nappy Cream ..
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Cleanse babys skin and hair in one step with upmost gentleness. Leaves the skin pleasantly scented and the fine hair soft and easy to comb. Ingredients Aloe & chamomile: Lenitive, moisturizing & softening action...
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Chicco Softners freshen and soften all of babys garments taking care of babys sensitive skin. The natural additives make the fabrics soft and gently perfumed, without damaging fibers or colours. Dermatologically tested, nickel tested, antistatic and biodegradable.Features:Each bottle makes 4 litres...
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Freshness and softness for all your baby's clothes (no irritation for delicate skin)Fresh and scented fragrance, no damage for fibers and colorsHypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, nickel testedFlower scentedConcentrated formula: 30 washes with only 750 mlFor both hand and machine laundry ..
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Fast and safe, guaranteeing perfect results every time for you and your baby. The Bottle Warmer is simple to use and great for busy parents. The warmer is fast, safe and guarantees perfect results for baby every time. This warmer will be the best partner in the preparation of your baby's meals. Feat..
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Designed specifically for the wellbeing of babies, Chicco’s Gum Gel is gentle, ideal for use before and after the teething phase as it soothes the discomfort caused when babies cut their milk teeth. The soothing properties of Chamomile bring relief to a baby’s sore gums. It contains Xylitol too, an ..
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